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Yaletown (Vancouver)

Open Hours

Monday to Thursday: 10am - 7pm
Friday to Saturday: 10am - 7:30pm
Sunday : 11am - 7pm (Last availability is 6pm)
Closed on Holidays

Call for appointment at 604-694-0095

Japan Shiatsu Clinic (JSC) - The clinics, affiliated with the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy, provide Shiatsu treatments. Private room & Walk-ins are available.

Please note that the online booking page can be slightly different from the actual schedule due to time lag. If you are looking for an appointment on the day and can't find a time that suits you, please call us.

We are providing Shiatsu treatment for client's comfort. See our various courses. Our Professionals are looking forward to meeting you!

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116-1058 Mainland St., Vancouver, BC. V6B 2T4

Free Parking

Free parking is available for customer.
An advance reservation and paking tag required.

Meter Parking

There is meter parking in front of the clinic building ($1/20 min).
There are also 3 public parking lots nearby:
・Easy Parking (At the back of Yaletown Station) HP ($1.5/30min)
・Public Parking (Nelson St.&Mainland St. next to Starbucks) MAP ($1.5/30min)
・Yale Town Roundhouse Public Parking MAP ($2/1Hour)